Addressing Nasal Obstruction After a Previous Rhinoplasty

Dr. Melyssa Hancock photo

NSIBR |Featured, Procedures | December 18, 2023

When you hear ‘revision rhinoplasty’, you may only think of cosmetic adjustments. However, there is an aspect of this procedure that is lesser known yet equally significant – addressing nasal obstruction. Dr. Melyssa Hancock sheds light on this crucial aspect in an Instagram post, revealing how the majority of her patients seek revision rhinoplasty at the Nose and Sinus Institute of Boca Raton not for cosmetic reasons, but due to persistent nasal obstruction after a botched rhinoplasty elsewhere.

A Focus on Functionality

As a seasoned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Hancock emphasizes the critical link between form and function in rhinoplasty. While cosmetic concerns may take the spotlight, understanding the intricate mechanics of nasal airflow is paramount, though some previous rhinoplasty procedures may not have prioritized this balance.

Numerous factors can contribute to new or worsened nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty. These include a persistently deviated nasal septum, nasal valve collapse or narrowing, and compromised nasal passageways for airflow. These issues frequently lead patients to seek a revision rhinoplasty solution with us.

Choosing Expertise Over Bargains

Dr. Hancock’s advice is straightforward: When considering rhinoplasty, opt for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. A decision based solely on cost may compromise your ability to breathe freely. The importance of unimpeded nasal breathing cannot be overstated, and the right surgeon can make a significant difference.

Revision rhinoplasty is an intricate surgical procedure aimed at rectifying complications or suboptimal outcomes from an initial nose job. It is an often intricate and challenging procedure, necessitating expertise and precision. If you’re struggling with nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty, take solace in the fact that these problems can be rectified. Dr. Hancock assures patients that this challenge can be met and resolved, offering comfort and balanced function.

Dr. Melyssa Hancock and Dr. Nathan E. Nachlas, double board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, stand at the forefront of the field. Not only do they excel in addressing aesthetic concerns, but they’re also industry leaders in restoring function within the nose and sinuses.

Understanding the Total Nose Approach™

The Total Nose Approach™, practiced by Dr. Hancock and Dr. Nachlas, tackles both internal and external concerns. It’s tailored to each complex situation – addressing aesthetic and functional challenges that may arise from a botched rhinoplasty, including nasal obstruction. From dissatisfaction with aesthetic outcomes to breathing issues due to over-resection, the approach addresses the unique needs of each patient.

If the results of a primary nose job have fallen short or complications like nasal obstruction have emerged, a revision rhinoplasty could hold the answers you seek. Request a consultation with Dr. Hancock or Dr. Nachlas in Boca Raton, and embark on a path that not only rejuvenates your appearance but restores your ability to breathe freely and live fully.